Game Room

The game room includes a pool table, which will remain covered when not in use. The pool supplies, along with a basic tool kit, are located in the drawer next to the queue sticks. A drink refrigerator is located next to the Mexican bar. Simple workout equipment is stored under the pool table, in case you feel the urge and/or are simply addicted to exercise, like me! There is also a washer and dryer located in the game room, with detergent on top. Have fun!


The kitchen is outfitted with everything you need to cook anything you want, including cookware, utensils, spices, oils, and common ingredients that I enjoy cooking with. Barbeque utensils are located under the oven. Please take a tour of the cupboards and enjoy! The lounge includes a desk in case you need to work (God forbid), foosball table, and television with Blu-ray player.

Dining Room/Living Room

The dining room provides seating for eight with two additional chairs, along with beach towels, which are stored in the coat closet. Place settings are located in the drawers under the buffet bar next to the table. Board and other games are stored in the cabinets under the buffet bar as well. The living room offers a gas fireplace for you to cozy up to at the end of a fun-filled day. It also has the best TV in the house, and is my favorite place to watch the sunset from.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom offers enough clothing storage for you to live here full-time, and a hotel-style safe in the closet that is simple to use (there are instructions printed on it). Extra blankets and sheets are in the drawers under the bed. The overhead fan is remote controlled and the control is kept on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. Towels are located in the cabinet in the bathroom. There is a Guest Book located on the night stand, which is intended for you to record some of your favorite memories from your stay, as well as read about the fun times of others.

Second Master Bedroom

This room is simple, comfortable, and airy. Extra blankets are located in the cabinet.

Guest Room

The guest room is cozy and decorated with pictures I have taken myself. This room also contains a library of great books to curl up and read at the end of an amazing day of fun. Extra blankets are in the closet.​

Downstairs Map/Second Guest Room

This room offers the perfect atmosphere for planning a lifetime of travel, and has helped me gain appreciation for just how big the world really is. I love to sit in this room and daydream about my next trip. This room also serves as an additional guest room, with bedding stored in the Guest Room closet.

This Home Guide will provide you with an overview of the home, including amenities, rooms, and outdoor features.


The deck is a wonderful place to drink coffee in the morning, soak in the beautiful view of the water, and plan your day. As the sun goes down, it is also an excellent place to go watch the sunset, barbeque some delicious food, and relax in the hot tub.

The barbeque will remain covered with the gas valve turned off when not in use. Please allow adequate cooling time before recovering!!

Outdoor furniture should be covered in the evening, or else it will be too wet to use the next day.

Water Sports and Dock

This home is located on a perfectly positioned and protected channel that is awesome for kids to play in. It is extremely safe due to very little boat traffic, as well as the fact that the boat speed limit is five miles per hour. Kayaks and paddle boards are stored on the side of the house, and there are also several on the dock. Please put them back in their respective locations. Paddles, life jackets, pool floats, and other items are in the plastic storage cabinet on the dock. Beach towels are located in the hall closet. The harbor water is fine to swim in and goes through various stages of clarity depending on the tide and season.


I love riding through Seabridge, as all the bicycle trails are new and there are many scenic routes scattered around the area. The adult bicycles are equipped with adjustable seats. The kids’ bicycles have to be adjusted manually with the wrench that is stored in the drawer with the pool supplies. The bicycle lock combinations are 0000. There is a map of the local bike trails located in the baskets on the bikes.

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home entertainment

home guide

room guide

The entertainment system in this home was designed to be as simple as possible to maximize your enjoyment.


This house is equipped with a Sonos soundsystem. To activate, download the Sonos app and log on to the wifi. Open the Sonos app, and you can play anything on your phone or from any music accounts, such as Pandora. All volume and room settings are controlled through this application.


Each room has a high definition television that is operated by a TiVo remote. Basic cable and Netflix are included, and the system is set up for VUDU and Amazon, of which you will need your own accounts. Each TV can watch different things at different times, and a basic guide to the remote is pictured below. In the unlikely event that the system fails to function correctly, there is a master reset switch to the right of the lounge cabinet. The key to the switch is located in the top left cabinet drawer. Turn off for one minute and then restart. Allow five minutes for system reset. Please do not open locked electronics cabinet.