If you are looking for some fun outdoor activities, you have come to the right place! This vacation rental is outfitted with plenty of the best aquatic toys you can find.

Paddle Boards

​This home is equipped with 4 paddle boards and paddles in a variety of sizes, conveniently located right on the dock. The harbor is an ideal place to go paddling, offering enough space and beautiful views to keep you occupied for hours on end.


There are 3 kayaks located on the dock, as well as around the side of the house. You can take these out on an adventure in and around the harbor, and maybe even dock at one of the nearby waterfront restaurant and bar attractions for a treat!


If you are in the mood to go out for a spin, use one of the five bicycles to take a tour of the many picturesque, brand new bike trails around the area. Each bike comes with a map of the local bike trails located in the basket, as well as bike locks to secure them wherever you go.

​Waterfront Attractions

This vacation spot is centrally located a short boat or bike ride away from a broad assortment of delicious harborfront restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Some of my favorites include The Italian Job Cafe, Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut, and Fresco II on the Marina. If you need to pick up some groceries, there are also shopping centers conveniently located right on the marina.

This vacation rental is a prime location for all kinds of fun in the water! Whether you prefer relaxing, sunbathing, or playing hard, we have something for you.


My home has a spacious back deck with a spectacular view of the harbor that you can enjoy over dinner at the patio table, with a soothing cup of tea from the lounge chairs, or even while sitting right on the water on the dock! No matter how you choose to enjoy it, it is a truly amazing place to relax.


​The deck is equipped with a barbeque so that you can grill out in the middle of paradise. All of the utensils and ingredients you need can be found in the kitchen, with barbeque utensils located under the oven, and useful ingredients found in the cabinets. The barbeque is gas-powered and designed to be extra easy to use.


Also located on the back deck is a relaxing hot tub that can accommodate up to five people at a time. Situated in a location that has the perfect combination of scenery and privacy, the jacuzzi is contoured with a number of adjustable jets to provide massage therapy for people of all shapes and sizes.



Are you in the mood for a game night? My vacation rental is the perfect place! Packed with fun games for the whole family, this home has the best equipment to keep you in friendly competition for hours.


My home features a brand new, 8 foot by 5 foot pool table, billiard balls, and queue sticks in a range of sizes. There is also plenty of chalk and baby powder to set you up for that perfect bank shot!


The foosball table is located in a central location, near the Kitchen, Lounge, and Map Room, that is perfect for quality family time. You can let your foosball skills shine while the kids watch a movie, or allow the kids to take a turn while you prepare dinner (and maybe play referee).

Electronic Darts

In addition to the pool table, the game room also contains a dart board for you and some friends to try your skills. The dart board is new and conveniently lights up and keeps score for you!